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Ridiculously long Under Review period for an app which was previously already approved!

My application with app ID : amzn1.devportal.mobileapp.575c98c04a46486d92985c7b58e86fd0 has been sitting in "Under Review" for nearly an entire week. This is absolutely ridiculous. We uploaded a build by accident which had the wrong signup process in it - this led to Amazon supressing my application - then we uploaded a build with the signup process removed last week and since December 10th it has been "Under Review". Now our customers have no application to install on their android devices.

Can you please review this application and approve it as the application was reviewed before and nothing has been changed between the previously approved version which was accidentally suppressed, and the current version which is under review now for almost 7 days.

Also yes we understand you do not discuss specific apps in public but how do you explain not responding to any emails we have filled out on the contact us form, and providing absolutely NO UPDATES regarding the application approval status? I look forward to an update now, enough is enough with this delayed response time.

Thank you.

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Thanks for posting. Our testing and review process turnaround times vary depending on the type of app and the type of test plan that it requires. You can check on the progress of our review by logging into your Developer Portal account, selecting your app and then selecting the Review Status tab. We will let you know if there are any issues, and will notify you when your app is ready for publishing.

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