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ISP require subscription for skill does it meet requirements

I'm currently creating a skill where I want to implement a subscription based ISP. This would be a subscription for the entire skill.

Looking at the FAQs it says "Don't charge customers to enable your skill"

So what I want to know is, if my launch intent tells them they need to subscribe, but I offer a 14 day trial period as part of the subscription, does this count? As in theory they will be able to trial the skill for 14 days without charge, and it's merely if they wish to continue using it after that period they would be charged?

Alternatively, if I kept track of the dates they used it, I could implement my own trial period or keep track of how many times they've used the skill and then prompt them to subscribe once they reach a certain number - would this be allowed?

In both instances the user does get to enable and use the skill for free in the first instance, but I obviously don't want to invest the effort and then fail the certification.
There's not really much I can do in terms of offering a "lite" version of the skill I'm planning that could always be free and it almost gives me a chance to see if there is an appetite for this kind of subscription based skills in terms of future development


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