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Gadget ID Requirements - must never change??

I am trying to use a number of different raspberry pi devices with one Echo device, but my problem is I am having allot of trouble with getting the devices to consistently connect and then pair. The most consistent is the first pi device I used where I have not changed much. But I have other variations in the devices (raspian version, Type of pi, Amazon product Ids, etc).

I note that in the Python examples the Gadget Id is based oh the radio address of the pi and hence is unique for each pi device.

Regarding the Gadget ID Requirements. Could you clarify please.

1) Can a given raspberry pi ever have two different Gadget Ids ? if so in what situation:

- for a different echo device. ?

- for a different amazon product ID ?

- any other situation ?

2) If gadget ID is changed , can reverting to the original Gadget ID (first ever used for the specific pi) restore the reliable connection ?

3) can the echo device 'forget' the particular pi so the Gadget ID can be changed ? If so how?

4) Are there any known issues with the current Python Example Repro with the latest versions of Raspian, or other more recent changes.

Thanks very much for helping.


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