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FireTV new remote codes for BenQ

I recently bought a BenQ EW3280U with a remote control. I wanted to link it in with the amazon fire stick remote control so i can turn the monitor on and off (as well as the volume and change input).

When i tried the BenQ profiles on the Amazon Fire TV, none worked - i am assuming they are for the BenQ projectors.

I contacted BenQ and they gave me a IR profile in Hex:

I am not really sure what to do with this however, i wanted to raise it on this forum to see if Amazon or the FireTV team would consider adding this Hex as an IR profile for the people who Own that specific brand of BenQ.

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Shineeth Hamza avatar image Shineeth Hamza commented ·

Did you find any solution to this? I am also facing the same.

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Debora Biermann avatar image Debora Biermann Shineeth Hamza commented ·
Nope from my side too.
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