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Is it possible to receive a 'skill disabled' message for smart home skills?

My smart home skill does not receive any message when a user disables the skill in Alexa. I set the skill up using the Alexa Developer Console. But there is no option to enable event subscriptions there. So I accessed the skill manifest using the Alexa Skills Kit - Skills Management API (ASK - SMAPI), and was able to get the information about the skill.

I then proceeded to add the event subscription information to the manifest and update it using SMAPI (terminal command ask smapi update-skill-manifest) but it did not succeed. Updating other properties of the skill in the manifest such as updating the name of the skill works this way, but not events.

Is this because my skill is of type Smart Home? Even from the documentation (, I only see the events property added under these categories, but not under Smart Home Skill Manifest:
Custom Skill Manifest:
List Skill Manifest with no Custom Components:
Smart Home Skill Manifest:

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