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Alexa Error “The following directives are not supported: DelegateDirective” after Connections.Response purchaseResult

  • I am using ISP (In skill purchase) and after the whole cycle of purchasing Alexa handle the control back to the skill backend.

  • So I get a Connections.Response with purchaseResult:ACCEPTED

  • Now I send a Delegate Directive to an Intent to collect a number

     return handlerInput.responseBuilder.addDelegateDirective(myVoiceSelectionIntent)        .getResponse();
  • Now I got the following error:

      "error": { "type": "INVALID_RESPONSE", 
                 "message": "The following directives are not supported: DelegateDirective"

What I tried

  • I added the same code snipped to an other intent of the skill and I get forwarded to the myVoiceSelectionIntent
  • I tried to return speech and prompt as well but same error.


  • Is not possible to use intent chaining and send DelegateDirectives from a Connections.Response with purchaseResult:ACCEPTED?
  • I could not find anything that it's forbidden in the documentation
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1 Answer

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Jason@Amazon answered

This is a current limitation of intent chaining - you won't be able to use it with any Connections.Response request that comes into your skill.

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Ok thanks.

Could the documentation updated for this limitation or is it stated somewhere?

Would be great to know when or if somebody works on this feature.

I thought more people would run into this issue as after a purchase at least some people would need a specific choice afterwards.

(will also update my stackoverflow question with your reply here)

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