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MacOS FFS Demo SSL certificate problem


when I try to run the FFS demo on my Mac the logs show get the following error:

*   Trying
* Connected to ( port 8888 (#0)
* ALPN, offering http/1.1
* successfully set certificate verify locations:
*   CAfile: none
  CApath: ./data/dss_certificates/
* SSL certificate problem: unable to get local issuer certificate
* Closing connection 0
2020-10-27T19:27:02.508Z [ERROR] ffsHttpExecutePreallocated:200: Curl operation curl_easy_perform(session) returned 60 (SSL peer certificate or SSH remote key was not OK)
2020-10-27T19:27:02.508Z [ERROR] ffsHttpExecutePreallocated:200: FAILED with ERROR
2020-10-27T19:27:02.508Z [ERROR] ffsHttpExecute:90: result returned ERROR
2020-10-27T19:27:02.508Z [DEBUG] ffsDssClientHttpExecute:534: DSS client received HTTP status code: 0
2020-10-27T19:27:02.508Z [ERROR] ffsDssClientHttpExecute:537: result returned ERROR
2020-10-27T19:27:02.508Z [ERROR] ffsDssClientExecute:130: ffsDssClientHttpExecute(dssClientContext, &httpRequest, &dssResponse) returned ERROR
2020-10-27T19:27:02.508Z [ERROR] ffsDssStartProvisioningSession:77: ffsDssClientExecute(dssClientContext, &FFS_DSS_OPERATION_DATA_START_PROVISIONING_SESSION, &bodyStream, &operationData) returned ERROR
2020-10-27T19:27:02.509Z [ERROR] ffsEncodeJsonStringField:703: FAILED with ERROR
2020-10-27T19:27:02.509Z [ERROR] ffsDssStartSerializingReportRequest:45: ffsEncodeJsonStringField(JSON_KEY_SESSION_ID, reportRequest->sessionId, outputStream) returned ERROR
2020-10-27T19:27:02.509Z [ERROR] ffsConstructReportHttpRequestBody:134: ffsDssStartSerializingReportRequest(&reportRequest, bodyStream) returned ERROR
2020-10-27T19:27:02.509Z [ERROR] ffsDssReport:85: ffsConstructReportHttpRequestBody(dssClientContext, provisioneeState, stateTransitionResult, registrationState, getConnectionAttemptsCallback, wifiConnectionAttempt, &bodyStream) returned ERROR
2020-10-27T19:27:02.509Z [ERROR] ffsWifiProvisioneeTaskExecuteStateStartProvisioning:264: ffsDssReport(taskContext->dssClientContext, FFS_DSS_WIFI_PROVISIONEE_STATE_START_PROVISIONING, (result == FFS_SUCCESS ? FFS_DSS_REPORT_RESULT_SUCCESS : FFS_DSS_REPORT_RESULT_FAILURE), dssRegistrationState, &taskContext->cloudCanProceed, &nextDssProvisioneeState, ffsWifiGetDssConnectionAttemptsCallback, &taskContext->wifiConnectionAttempt) returned ERROR
2020-10-27T19:27:02.509Z [ERROR] ffsWifiProvisioneeTaskExecuteState:172: ffsWifiProvisioneeTaskExecuteStateStartProvisioning(taskContext) returned ERROR
2020-10-27T19:27:02.509Z [ERROR] ffsWifiProvisioneeTask:146: ffsWifiProvisioneeTaskExecuteState(&taskContext, state) returned ERROR
2020-10-27T19:27:02.509Z [ERROR] main:50: ffsWifiProvisioneeTask(&userContext) returned ERROR

I am using test certificates which I requested a while back. Are they invalid by now? Do I need any other certificates?


sslcurlffsffs demo
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Hey Eduardo, there is a chance your certificates have expired. Feel free to reach back out by using the FFS developer console.

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