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About Skill and Intent Launch Phrases

Skill launch Phrases are an optional new way to teach Alexa how an end-customer might invoke your skill as a modal launch, along with the standard invocation pattern of “Alexa, open <skill name>”. For example, “Alexa, Open Tasty Recipes Skill” you might have something like “can you give me a tasty recipe”.

Intents and Intent Launch Phrases: The nameFreeInteraction container allows you to identify which intents are natural ingress points (or invocation points) for your skill. Where end users might currently need to say “Alexa, open Tasty Recipes Skill and give me a recipe for meatballs”, you can indicate to Alexa that your getRecipe intent is a natural ingress point, and provide common natural phrases that would be used to deep-link into this intent such as simply, “give me a tasty recipe for meatballs”. The phrases provided in the nfi container give you the mechanism to indicate which sample utterances/use cases are of the highest importance so that we can weight these utterances among the rest.

Note: slots are not supported for skill or intent launch phrases within the nameFreeInteraction container, however the sample utterances you provide in your interaction model that contain slots will still be used for training data.

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