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App validation for HD 8 2020 and HD 10 2019 (FOS 7)

We have two Contact Us cases (7453810911 and 7451887661) filed for two apps for about a week. What do we need to do? Potential routes are:

1. "Device Targeting Increased" done by Amazon submission team to make those devices 'passed.'

2. Provide us with console logs and screenshots, so we understand what may require fixes.

3. Resubmitting those apps, but without #2, it is rather pointless.

Although, our understanding is that FOS 7 is rather unstable on those new devices, and potentially Amazon doesn't do Cordova wrapping right for web apps that are targeting FOS 7.


About two weeks, since those cases were opened, one week since this was posted.

What gives? Amazon screws up submission testing, and is not able to provide any guidance?


In both cases, it took a month to get Amazon to act, and fix the issue (approve those apps for devices that they originally failed during submission).

So, the question is how come the submission process for all specified devices takes less than 24 hours, where retesting the app just for one device takes a month. Shouldn't Amazon, knowing that the failed tests on FOS7 are potentially not tested right (or not Cordova wrapped right), get their act together, and speed up the process?

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