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Account Linking + Kids Skill + Alexa Gadgets Toolkit

Just looking for some clarification on account linking, kids skill with the gadgets API

Would below be ok for a kids directed skill (UK) as I know there are rules around kids skills and account linking.

- User account is setup on a website

- All the information at a user account level is for the adult (name, email, postcode)

- On the user account there are player profiles (1 or more) which are for the kids (here we only store the name of the child and date of birth) who are going to play the game.

Alexa skill is account linked by the adult and then ready to play.

Alexa- "Hi who is playing today Sam or Poppy"

user - "Poppy"

Alexa - "Great, its time to play Poppy..."

So at no point the child gives any information, or any information is given to Alexa, e.g. "my kids name is poppy". Its all entered on the website via the adult.

We want the account linking so the adult can check progress of the skill and for leaderboards when logged in on the website)

We would also be looking at voice profiles if they work ok with kids, so the kids opens the skill and Alexa knows which profile to use.

Any feedback or suggestion on other options would be great.



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