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Getting port of USI Development board with listports command outputs inUse: false


I’m trying to provision a module following the tutorial at

I’m trying to determine the serial port that corresponds to my module (I’m using the USI Development Kit), in order to do that I use the listports command from the Module Utility CLI. The output is:

Serial ports available:
COM3 (inUse: false)

If I understand it correctly it should be inUse: true. Right now if I try to execute any other command on that port I get the following error (Error 1003: Error : Module did not respond correctly. Check port and module)

I tried every USB port of the development kit (both of the arduino zero and the debug port of the USI MT7697H board). I also tried removing the caps of the jumpers of the USI MT7697H board. But I get the inUse: false output in every scenario.

Do I need to upload a specific code to the Arduino Zero board that allows the provision?

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You do not need Arduino Zero board to be connected to ACK Module to perform product provisioning. Can you try disconnecting ACK Module from Arduino Zero, connect ACK Module Debug Port through UART to your computer and try listing ports using Module Utility?

Make sure you do not have any active connective to ACK Module through Arduino IDE or serial connection.

You can refer the Module Utility CLI reference guide for more information.

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