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Rate limiting (429) is causing the service unusable for our users

Hello Amazon Team,

Our application, odrive, has been making use of the Amazon Drive API for many years.

In the past few days the service has become unusable for users due to rate limiting. My own testing shows that I am receiving 429s after only issuing a single command to the API.

Are there any issues to be aware of, or anything we can do to restore typical call rate functionality?

Also, is there somewhere else I should direct these questions to? The old channels seem to no longer be available/monitored. I sent this to, but I haven't received any responses from that e-mail for a couple of years now, despite many attempts. I sent a ticket using the developer support console, but my previous engagements there have resulted in bouncing around until I was stuck receiving an endless supply of "We are currently researching your issue in partnership with the responsible team and will provide an update as soon" responses. I have also reached out to several previous contacts with no reply, unfortunately.

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