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Is there a way a routine can enable/disable another routine? (Feature Request)

I need a routine that can be triggered by voice that can enable or disable another routine.

Use case: I have sensors at my doors that detect motion. Alexa announces the activity, and it works great. However, at times I need to disable the announcement routine when people are in my yard repeatedly triggering the sensor. Currently, the only way to enable/disable a routine is from the Alexa app. I want to be able to say, "Alexa, disable routine front door sensor".

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Hello and thanks for posting.

This is the Amazon Developer Forum, where developers come for help with the development of their skills. Features available (or not) on Alexa do not fall under this category.

If you are having issues with an Alexa feature, I would suggest getting in touch with customer service who should be able to assist with your matter further.

Alternatively, you can post your questions on the Echo & Alexa customer forum:


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Found out how to accomplish enabling a routine from within a routine.

My testing found that you can enable a routine via voice command to Alexa. e.g. “Alexa, enable set alarm routine”. Alexa will enable the ’set alarm’ routine and notify you that it was done.

With the app updated to the latest release as per 11/23/2020, the action section of a routine can issue that same command when you select the Custom feature when adding a new action. The steps I used:

Create a new routine

Provide name and condition when it is to happen

Select Add action

On the Add New screen select Custom

Type in the command ”enable set alarm routine”

The system provides the Alexa prefix

When the condition is met the set alarm routine is enabled. I’ve created multiple routines that test the same condition and they enable other routines (you can only issue the command once in a routine).

In my case I’ve set up Alexa’s Guard feature. When I say Alexa, I’m leaving, a few routines that check for status Guard:Away get triggered and enable my alarm routines. When I say Alexa, I’m home, another set of routines disable my alarm routines.

Hope this helps.

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Is this still working for you? When I try the steps you describe then Alexa responds with one of "Sorry, I don't know that", "Sorry, I'm not sure" or "Hmmm, I don't know that one"

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I tried this solution yesterday (June 23, 2021) and it works like a charm after I realized that I had to add the word "routine", your complete sentence would be: "enable <routinename> routine". Hope this helps.

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Works like a dream. You can link one routine to another if the first routine is not using a Skill BUT - CANNOT USE A CUSTOM COMMAND AND A SKILL IN THE SAME ROUTINE NOR TWO CUSTOM COMMANDS. Since you can only link two routines together while using skillls, I don't see where this is particularly useful except for activating a routine under two different triggers which I don't think that you can do within a single routine
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Hi, are you using a developer version of the app or a US version (I’m in the UK). I’ve tried everything and can’t get this to work. It would make the logic so much more powerful. I’d like to enable my hall motion to turn on the bathroom light but only between sunrise and sunset. I could do this if this worked - at sunset enable the routine that triggers on motion detection but as others have said Alexa just says ‘I don’t know that one’ - it’s got to be my version but I’m up to date..

sooo close

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