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Skill account linking certification problem

My certification process fail due to following issue

Issues related to security and privacy

  1. When a skill uses account linking to connect Alexa users with a credential system owned by the skill provider, the skill provider must own the domain presenting the login page. Please see test case 2.3 from our Submission Checklist for a complete list of our account linking requirements.

    Please note that the developer name or email id is not mentioned in the account linking page URL.

We are both the owner of credential system and of the domain used for login page.

The problem is that the login page has an url that not recall directly the company / developer name.

We have inserted a "sentence" in login form where we explicity mention the company name and the main email contact address, but it seem not enought.

We don't understnad exatly what is missing to fullfit the policy criteria .

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