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App published but forced incompatible by review team?

Does anyone else have an issue where you'll submit an app that works completely fine, tests fine, no issues, then amazon makes it incompatible, but still publishes it? What's the point of publishing it if you're going to not let anyone download it. My test device is listed as incompatible even though it's what I test it on (and it works).

I believe they did this the first time because the only live stream video in the app was having some issues (equipment issue not an app issue) and they marked it incompatible even though their's nothing wrong with the app. Now they've done it a second time even though I put a note before submission to ignore the live stream as nothing was playing at the time. Why have a notes section if the review team will ignore it? Nothing's broken or incompatible. Everything works.

It aggravates everyone when you deem an app incompatible when that is completely false and the contact us basically never responds so no help is ever given. It's hard to not be irritated when your own higher ups are breathing down your neck because amazon is being extremely unhelpful.

So if I can get any insight or help it'd be much appreciated to avoid this being done in the future while I wait an eternity for a response from their support. Only thought I have is to just tell everyone we can't use live streams for amazon apps.

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Was this issue ever resolved? After considerable resources were used to develop an app for this platform we are experiencing the same. No video evidence of issue and all our local testing works fine. The app is "Live" but appears to be in this "ghosted" state where it's not compatible with any device (despite testing fine on all 5 Fire devices we have here). I have a really bad feeling about this.
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Thanks for posting. Our internal team is working on your contact-us case. They will reply to the case as soon as more information is available.

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The same inspection result occurred in our app.

We checked the normal operation on 5 Amazon devices,

All of the Amazon testing services have returned PASS results.

But with the same result as the author, the app is not published.

Is there a current problem with Amazon?

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Your contact-us case is received and worked on by the testing team. Please note the testing services only provide a general compatibility of your app with Amazon Appstore, the final decision will be made after the review process complete.

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