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No devices found when testing an Alexa video skill

Hi there!

I am following this Video Skills for Living Room Entertainment Devices tutorial in order to create a video skill that controls the set top box of my TV (I what to control my television via voice).

The problem is that I cannot discover any device when testing the skill via Alexa app. I have implemented the login with Amazon for the account linking successfully and I have double checked every step of the tutorial above and even created a completely new skill from scratch, but this problem persists.

Any help or idea how to solve this?

Thank you in advance :)


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SOLUTION: Besides checking the location settings of the AWS Lambda, Regional Endpoints, skill's default language, MUST check the location you have on your Alexa app, once this one has to be accordingly with the previous ones in order to discover devices on the app (this was my problem). Hope it helps :)

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What exactly do you mean. In the Lambda and Endpoints they are all tied to a region, say the US. But in my Alexa app, it wants me to choose a specific address for a location. Is it smart enough to deduce this to a region? I still am not able to get the App to show my discovered devices - it always says "Sorry, we could not find any devices to link". I see the discover request in my CloudWatch logs and I see my response with 4 living room entertainment devices.

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Hello and thank you for your message.

What @Afonso meant was that the language configuration of your mobile device must match the one of your backend.

If you are still having issues with your smart devices, I suggest you either open a new thread or create a case via our Contact Us page.


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Where is the documentation for this?

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