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Music App in-compatibility on Kindle Fire HD 8 (10th Gen) tablet - FireOS

APP is working fine with older versions of Kindle Fire HD having FireOS 5.1.x. APP is having problem only on Kindle HD 8 (10th Gen) with FireOS

We have music APP that has 3 Media Players, we are using Androids standard Media Player in our APP.

All of the 3 Media Players run Simultaneously and Tracks we run on each Media player have same duration.

We are doing all the processing in Background threads like playing music on all of the media players so there are 3 threads in total that are running in parallel.

The problem is on Kindle HD 8 (10th Gen) due to some glitch,track running on 1st Media Player overlaps with track on 2nd Media Player or go beyond track on the 2nd Media Player.

Overall what do I mean is that tracks on 3 of the media players goes out of sync even if they have same duration and they started at the same time. One more thing songs start off without issues they are in sync in beginning , but after around 50 seconds they started to become out of sync.

Again app is working fine on older version of Kindle Fire tablets and also on Samsung mobiles problem is only happening on Kindle HD 8 (10 Gen).

So, if anyone can help us in suggestion or providing any solution on what is happening on new Kindle ? we will be very grateful for your help.

Please Help us as we are stuck on this issue and our users can not use our APP on new Kindle Fire HD 8 tablet because of this. Thank you

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