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Fire TV app Submission Under Review

I understand this question has been submitted previously. Years ago. Just wondering if anyone has any better answers now.

Surely I am not the only person submitting a Fire TV app?

So here I go.

Are Fire TV apps actually being reviewed and approved/rejected now?

My submission has been stuck since July 6th in review.

Previously I've canceled and resubmitted the app. I've submitted the app multiple times with the hope one of them gets reviewed. I've sent in a support ticket and got an absolutely off topic non-useful automated reply. I reported the reply as not useful.

Thank you for any feedback you may have. I'm at a loss as to what to do.

app submission and updatesunder review
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Is anybody actually creating Fire TV apps? This forum has virtually no one posting on it.

Perhaps an Amazon Fire TV/Stick channel is a waste of time?

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Hi Yeup,

We submitted few web apps about two months ago. They were approved within few hours (shorter than what the ETA was in the original email from Amazon). If the app will not get stuck, it is always like that, or at least used to be. If the app is rejected, it also takes only few hours.

About a week ago, we submitted one app with only metadata changes. That app was approved basically in no time (I guess, in such a case, they don't need India's team to test the app, as the binary is the same).

What we see from the logs is that first someone from US briefly touches the app. After that, when India wakes up, they do testing on few devices. If they are OK, they approve the app, if not, they reject it right away. Basically, the next day (from California) perspective) the app is processed. We submitted those web apps really a lot of times, and it never took more than that (when it works).

On the other hand, if you don't see in your server logs that India touched your app, you are more or less SOL. At that point your app fell through the submission framework cracks, and more or less will never be revived. Yes, you can wait, you can do Contact Us, you can bang on the forum, but time works against you, as no one cares. All the pressure is on you to do something.

Therefore, as you have read already, the best option is to wait for that original ETA to expire, and then cancel the submission, resubmit, and redo it. Every time you do that, you put small pressure on at least that US submission team to look at your app, and bet against falling through the cracks. Usually, you will also get an email about 'it takes longer than expected,' what basically means is time to cancel, as that is an automated email that does nothing as far as your app being tested. (Basically, put some server logs in your app, and if you don't see your server being hit when India has day time, it is time to cancel/resubmit. Although, this implies California time - submission before midnight, US testing about an hour after your submission, and India testing few hours after that.)

However, sometimes when your app will get stuck, the cancel process also doesn't work. This is the time to do Contact Us, and start banging on the forum. You also don't want to wait for someone to finally wake up, but rather every day push again that Contact Us case, and update the forum post you created (if you got BS through Contact Us, mention it in the forum thread). Not sure whether that constant banging is helping or not, but is not hurting, and you are anyway waiting for someone to get their act together, and push your app further in the process. Also, this way you leave some thread on this forum for others to see what to do.

All the other stuff that you can read about the submission team taking the time to devise the testing process, ... is just BS.

As far as your question about the Fire TV platform viability, well maybe you are right. For the past year or so, everything goes down to drain. I mean, about a month ago UK team had a happy Fire TV webinar, but they basically failed to answer any questions. We have few Contact Us cases that are open for a year or so, just to give you some time frame of how fast the processing is.

Best, Jacek

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