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Error webpage when signing or activating GameCircle account.

We had our app rejected due to the issue below. Bug Description:App throws Custom error Message. Steps to Reproduce: 1. Install and Launch the app. 2. Tap on Game Circle icon. 3. It links to webpage.Tap on continue . 4. Game circle pop up comes"Welcome Guest." 5. Tap on it.Tap on Sign in to amazon. 6. Tap on continue. Actual result: It shows"We are Sorry:An error occurred when we tried to process your request."Unable to sign in. Expected result: It should Sign in successfully without any error. OS/Device(s): 4.4.x/Samsung. We are using Unity running the Amazon GameCircle asset downloaded via the Unity asset store. I've made sure the Manifest file has the correct data. See below. Not sure what I'm missing but it takes me out of the app to an Amazon webpage. I confirm that I wish to sign in and or continue. Then I get hit by the error page saying. "We're Sorry! An error occurred when we tried to process your request. Rest assured, we're already working on the problem and expect to resolve it shortly. Is this an issue with the asset store package, or have I potentially missed something with the setup. It all seems to work fine on the Kindle but not on the Samsung device. The break down of the web links are below. "Click 'Continue' to sign in to *App Name" ?response_type=code &redirect_uri=... &client_id=... &amzn_respectRmrMeAuthState=1 &amzn_showRmrMe=1 &amzn_rmrMeDefaultSelected=1 &state=clientId... &scope=profile *Error message* ?appActionToken=... &appAction=actionField &savedParameters= *TOKEN* &amzn_respectRmrMeAuthState=1 &acknowledgementApproved= Any help would be appreciated Cheers.
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