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How to get the language setting of user's Alexa device for a smart home skill?

According to List of Alexa Interfaces and Supported Languages, I need to return correct interfaces supported by the user's language when the user discovery devices, but how can I know it?

I checked all the requests from client, there is no any information about language.

Anyone has an idea?


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Hi there,

Thank you for contacting Alexa Developer Support.

I understand that you want to retrieve the language settings from a customer in order to not show certain capabilities. Unfortunately there is no way to know the exact language a customer is using when using smart home skills - the locale is available within the request for custom skills but not for smart home skills.

Additionally, as you want to determine this before discovery, the only information you will have is the account linking details. In other words, as the discovery request does not provide specific locale/language information, you will have to determine the user's language when they link their accounts. In doing so, you will have the language information right when the customer links their account, allowing you to provide the correct response to the discovery directive. As there isn't any more information on the Alexa side, implementing some sort of language flag on your account linking page may be a potential workaround.

There is no way to get user's locale currently.

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