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Is it possible to update Alexa Presentation Language (APL) with buttons/data from a gadget?

Hi - I was wondering if it is possible to update contents on an Echo show device with a screen by sending data from sensors or by pressing buttons on a gadget to change content on the screen.

I know APL is voice first and typically interacts with a skill, but is it possible to maybe send an request to mimic a skill so that the APL can display the content requested from a gadget?

For example, when a gadget with temperature sensor is ON, it can send a request whenever it changes by 10 degrees to an API to gather 5 locations across the world with closest temperature and send it to the echo show to display. The actual temperature from the temperature sensor will also be displayed on the echo show. Then if you press a button on the gadget, it cycles to the next 5 locations and updates on the echo show display.

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