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Fling SDK for iOS crashing frequently (using SDK v1.3.5)

The #1 culprit for the stability of our app is the Fling SDK with crashes like the one documented below (I know the fling sdk is the culprit because it is the only sdk in our stack that makes use of Java's thrift ).

I heard the team was working on removing UIWebView references (UIWebView is being deprecated on iOS), so I wanted to make sure stability issues were being addressed as well in the next release.

There is no simple way to reproduce the crashes, they seem to appear randomly. More than happy to provide additional details if needed, just ask!

Top crash description:


Crashed: Thread

0 [appName] 0x100b1d0e0 apache::thrift::concurrency::ThreadManager::Worker::run() + 22732

1 [appName] 0x100b15fa4 apache::thrift::concurrency::PthreadThread::threadMain(void*) + 1225744

2 libsystem_pthread.dylib 0x1a8a9bd98 _pthread_start + 156

3 libsystem_pthread.dylib 0x1a8a9f74c thread_start + 8

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