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Is the skill intended for the broader Alexa user base?

Alexa Skills come in a assortment of subjects, including business & finance, productivity, news, games, weather, all of which can be found in the Alexa skill store. All Alexa Skills are free to enable and use. Some skills require a subscription service to unlock their full functionality, but customers are made aware of skills that may ask for payment.

Alexa skills can be made to control meeting rooms, the temperature, the lights, and much more. When you build a skill for the public to download and use in their home here are a few guidelines that you can follow:

  • Make sure anyone can use your skill by providing a detailed and understandable description of your skill, how to use it, and why
  • If you’re making a skill that is very specific to a certain subject, make sure the description explains the subject matter in full detail. This will help your audience find your skill faster, and will foster accuracy in your analytics
  • If you are making a skill that is more open and available to the public, (a “dice roller” for example) make sure that you go over every feature and function of your skill in entirety in the description of your skill

Over 100,000 skills are available for Alexa and you want yours to stand out. The skills that get enabled and used the most, are the skills that fit into users’ lives the easiest and the fastest. So instead of creating something that already has 10,000 other versions, try to think in terms of “what hasn’t been done yet and why”. Here's a great example:

The Description: "This is Alexa's premiere Hide and Seek experience, where you get to hide, and Alexa tries to find you. Pick your best hiding spot in the same room as your Alexa device, and remember to speak loudly so she can hear you. If she can't guess where you are after three tries, then you win!"

Brief, informative, to the point. Excellent!

When you have your idea, make sure to write out every detail and function. Then Test Test Test! Also it is highly encouraged to reach out to the Alexa developer community to start a conversation about what kinds of skills you can create for Alexa that will have the biggest impact.

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