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My skill submission has failed the certification process because the core functionality of the skill could not be completed using only customer facing information! Help!

When designing a skill for public use, it has to understandable to the vast audience of Alexa users. “Customer facing information” is any information the customer will be able to see, use, and reference in order to understand the functionality of your skill. It is crucial to make certain that anyone and everyone can read, understand, and follow all directions you have given.

What to include in the description of your skill:

  • Every launch phrase that can be used
  • Examples of how and why your skill is used
  • Possible answers to common questions about your skills functionality

Good Example: This skill will roll any combination of dice, and any-sided dice too!

Not good example: Diceroller

You may also try getting a friend or a family member to test your skill out before you submit it for certification, just to see if they stumble anywhere. Developers can also utilize the Beta Testing features in the developer console to perform a much more in depth test of your skills instructions, and how they were received.

For more information about Beta Testing, click here:

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