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Suggestion: Provide a Way to List All Orders that Haven't Arrived Yet

First, I wish to thank all the developers who helped to re-instate the "Order #" and the "Total" Amount of the order on the "Your Orders" Page. It is HUGELY helpful. (You may recall that for several months this info went missing from the "Your Orders" page and was available only on the various "Order Details" pages for several months. The absence from "Your Orders" during this interim period was a great inconvenience! We are so glad this critical information is now back on the main "Your Orders" Page, and we hope it will always stay there.) So, thank you once again!!

Now, I'm writing with another suggestion for improvement pertaining to Orders. Currently, I don't know of any satisfactory way to identify any and all orders which have not yet been delivered. The "Open Orders" tab holds no solution, since once an order is fulfilled and shipped, it is no longer visible under "Open Orders", even though the order may not have been delivered yet. And the convenient "Order History Report", unfortunately, is also not a solution because although it includes "Status" as a column, it does NOT include the critical captions visible on the "My Orders" page such as "Arriving tomorrow by 9PM", or "Delivered Thursday", or "Arriving July 15-18", or "Delivered May 10, 2020" which would be enough for someone to know which packages they were still waiting for to arrive. The "Status" column on the "Order History Report" shows the same value ("Shipped") for all shipped orders, regardless of whether they are in (already) "Delivered" status or (not yet) "Arriving" status; so the current "Order History Report" doesn't solve the problem.

Currently, the only way I know to find all the orders which I'm still to receive is to bring up the "My Orders" page, then key in Ctnl+F ("Find"), then type in the keyword "arriving", and then one by one find each order with a caption which includes the word "arriving", and then go down to the bottom of the page, click on "next screen" to bring up the next page of orders working backward chronologically, and repeat the process of finding orders still awaiting arrival for page after page of history, until I am confident that I have gone back far enough that there will be no more undelivered orders. So, this is not a very satisfactory method.

So, the suggestion is to provide some method to make this identification of undelivered orders easier and more accurate. It could be simply solved by simply adding the caption that already appears on the "My Orders" page (e.g. "Delivered Thursday", "Arriving tomorrow by 9PM", etc.) to the existing Order History Report: that would solve it. Alternatively, it could be solved by creating a new tab on "Your Account | Your Orders" labeled "Out for Delivery" or something along those lines (in addition to the helpful tabs that are already there for "Buy Again", "Open Orders", "Local Store Orders", "Digital Orders", and "Cancelled Orders"): that also would solve it -- and in fact that might be the best and most convenient solution -- I bet a lot of people would use such a new tab!!

Anyway, that's my suggestion... oh, and did I thank you for restoring the Order # and Total Order Amount information to the "Your Orders" page a few months ago?! I really appreciate it -- and it has made my use of the website much more enjoyable ever since!

Have a Good One!

Charles S.

Northbrook, IL

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I heartily second this suggestion! An "undelivered orders" tab would be extremely useful, especially when I know I have outstanding orders from several weeks ago but have to scroll through pages and pages of more recent, delivered orders to find them and track their status.

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Love this idea. Just what I came here to request. My list of orders is quite long and it would be awesome to be able to filter out all the orders that have arrived and just see items that are yet to be delivered. I know there is functionality to see "Open Orders" but adding a "Not Delivered" tab to the order page would be perfect.

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Hi Charles,

This forum is for Amazon Developers.

You can use the Amazon Digital and Device forum for requests like this:

You can also contact Amazon Customer Service:



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