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Available Customer Data for Added Value, Ease of Use, and Accessibility


I hope you're well.

I run an online community that has requested we sell merchandise.

"Login with Amazon" is by far the most used login option for our users, thus I have chosen Merch by Amazon to be the supplier of the aforementioned merchandise.

a. I would like to add value to the customer experience by keeping a record of past merchandise purchases on their community account as a quick reference only.

b. I would also like to add value by sending out a physical "Thank You Card" as requested by a large number of community members.

In theory, I could ask the user to re-enter their address, but I feel the user would benefit greatly by having this process automated based on their order.

Many of our community members are elderly or non-tech-savvy, hence the preference for 'Login with Amazon' due to the ease of use and their prior understanding of the Amazon ecosystem.

This leads me to two questions:

1. Which API operations/calls can I use to gain accurate customer information related to
"Login with Amazon" once a member has logged in?

2. Which API operations/calls can I use to gain accurate customer information related to
"Merch by Amazon" once a customer has made a purchase?

3. Does "Merch by Amazon" have it's own API or does it use Seller API or MWS?

Amazon has so many API available for so many services that I've become lost in my search. "API Blindness", if you will.

Whilst I may not be the best programmer, I believe I can achieve the desired goal if someone, anyone, can provide me with a link to the proper documentation.

I don't need a full explanation (unless you have time), only a link to the appropriate documentation and maybe a line about which operation to read more about.

The online community is for the facility where I volunteer. The overall goal is to raise money for much need face masks through T-Shirt sales and send a thank you card to buyers as well.

Many masks were stolen during looting and riots in our area.

Please, do not flame me if any questions seem foolish. I'm 100% new to amazon and have been approved for Merch by Amazon. I'm just a person with passable coding skills that is trying to help his community recover from looting.

I'm not physically strong and I'm afraid to go outside, but maybe I can help my community in another way.

That's my line of thinking and the community is behind this idea 100%.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

- Dev

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