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Is there a way to have Amazon Search Results sorted by the default shipping arrival dates?

Sometimes when searchiing for a product, I would like to have the ability to sort by how quickly I can get an item. In my opinion, users would gladly pay a little more for an item based on how quickly they can get it. I know I would.

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I was about to ask this exact same question!
It is quite irritating, if you ask me, NOT having that option...

Although, it seems no one else finds this to be a problem? Since there are NO other responses here!

Also, the "Delivery Day > Get it today/ Get it by tomorrow/ Get it in 2 days" option, available as a "Filter" (top left of a Product Search Page) HARDLY EVER WORKS!

Wonder why this is such a neglected issue?!
There are MANY occasions when I just don't buy something off Amazon, since I can't get it quick enough/ or rather, since I can't SORT the results by DELIVERY DATE, to know how EARLY I could get it!

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