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Smart home skill handler no longer triggered after a day or two


We have a node.js smart home skill in production since a year.

Our customers have had issues with our skill since some weeks. They enable the skill, detect their smart home devices, and all works for a day. But the next day, they cannot operate their devices. In alexa app, it shows an error message saying alexa is unable to reach device. Also, with alexa web console, if they "forget all devices", then try to discover devices, no device is found. They must deactivate and reactivate the skill to make it work again.

Regarding console logs in cloudwatch, I don't see any log in cloudwatch related to the discovery I've launched when it fails to found a device. It looks like the skill nodejs handler is not invoked explaining why no device is discovered. Meanwhile, I see in our Identity Service logs that OAuth token is correctly refreshed.

Do you have any idea why we are experimenting such issue ?

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I had similar issues and for me it seemed that the connection between Amazon and the Identity service took too long (more than 8 seconds). I had my server in Europe and Amazon connected from Virginia. The OAuth token was refreshed correctly, but Amazon received the response too late, which resulted in exactly this error. When connecting from Amazon in Europe to my server, everything seems to work fine.

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Thank you for your feedback.
We also have sometime max respond time of our IdentityServer that are greater than the 4.5s limit given in Alexa documentation...

We will investigate on this.

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