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Blank Device Display in Alexa Developer Console Test

When I test my Alexa skill, the device display is blank. It has worked in the past without issue. However, for the last month, it has been blank. When I test on my actual Echo Show or Spot, it works fine.

I have tried implementing the following solutions

1. Updating my npm for all packages

2. Updating my APL

3. Clearing my cache

4. Using a different browser

5. Change devices

6. Reverting to old code

7. Restarting my computer

8. Restarting my browser

9. Using a skill that wasn't certified

10. Using a skill that was certified

11. Checking Cloudwatch. There are no issues listed in my Cloudwatch logs

Nothing works. My skill ID for my certified skill is amzn1.ask.skill.32531985-6cf8-4537-a102-7873e0bd3788. My skill ID for my non-certified skill is amzn1.ask.skill.69b37282-1f81-4ab3-8baf-a4efbbbe3fca. Here is an image of what is happening.

alexa skills kitapldisplay templates
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