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App Keeps getting rejected Because it says we have IAP.


Our app keeps getting rejected because it says we have IAP enabled. We currently do not use any form of IAP in our app, and have removed any links to point users to payment portal, hence our app keeps getting rejected. We have tried everything to remedy this. Please, someone help we have been trying to get in-touch with support and been trying to update our app on the store for almost a month with no success.


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We have been having exactly the same issue with no response other than repeating we have IAP, when the app is free! This has been going on for 7 months!

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Levon@Amazon hello Levon

We have had the same problem for 7 months where I make contact in the 'In Contact' chat related to the app but I only ever get a response repeating that there is IAP in the app when it is quite obvious I have marked it as free. I have never been able to have a conversation with an Amazon dev team manager, it is always admin that respond and say I have IAP. Some versions were approved and exactly the same app in the next version is rejected for IAP - they are all free. Please can you make contact and help me and arseonblock above.

Thank you

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hello all, sorry to spam you, but hopefully someone will respond to my two comments / issues above sachin@amazon, workshed@amazon, nickg!@amazon, sujoy@amazon

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