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ETag is is missing when getting apk list

I'm trying to implement the Replace APK flow using the reference:

get_apks_path = '/v1/applications/%s/edits/%s/apks' % (app_id, edit_id)
get_apks_url = BASE_URL + get_apks_path
apks = requests.get(get_apks_url, headers=headers)

firstAPK = apks[0]
apk_id = firstAPK['id']
replace_apk_path = '/v1/applications/%s/edits/%s/apks/%s/replace' % (app_id, edit_id, apk_id)

## Open the apk file on your local machine
local_apk = open(local_apk_path, 'rb').read()

replace_apk_url = BASE_URL + replace_apk_path
all_headers = {    'Content-Type': 'application/',    'If-Match': etag
replace_apk_response = requests.put(replace_apk_url, headers=all_headers, data=local_apk)

The problem is that in the response for requests.get(get_apks_url, headers=headers)
I'm missing the ETag that I need in order to replace the existing apk.

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