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How do you setup a skill to trigger a simple Skill command in a c++ app ?

I have followed several tutorials now involving over 4 systems within the Amazon architecture. I am not sure if all the pieces are connected correctly. Is there a basic tutorial / resource to setting up a simple alexa request handler.

My setup: I have a c++ native app running on an ubuntu device. I just want to be able to say "goto <some location>" and have the device response in its native code. I have created a skill, it tests ok. I have a lambda function, but not sure if its connect to the skill correctly. I have shadows, dynamo DB, Yaml files, config files, json certs, Security profiles, shadow 'things', odd topic subscribers, client secrets and stuff. I have an application ID created so the device is successfully running the SampleApp from avs_device_sdk.

I don't know node.js nor python. I am hoping to just get a simple response from Alexa to respond to 'goto a <location>". I just want to be able to trigger a c++ call in my app:

void onAlexaRespondToGoto( std::string location ) .... 

The skill doesn't process anything, I just need it to forward the location string to the app. It will always end with 'ok'.

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