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SMAPI returns 401 on POST/PUT, but not on GET

I would like to programatically create, retrieve and create skill via the SMAPI. The LWA process is implemented, I have obtained the access/refresh token pair, and I am able to do pretty much any GET operation with no problem.

However, as soon as I try POSTing to v1/skills, I am met with the exception:

    "message": "You do not have access to the resource."

I have tried passing the Authorization header as both

Authorization: Bearer Atza|...


Authorization: Atza|...

But both variants end up the same.

The scopes seemt to be in order. I am requesting

alexa::ask:skills:readwrite alexa::ask:skills:test alexa::ask:models:readwrite alexa::ask:skills:test alexa::ask:models:read alexa::ask:skills:read

The final request URL looks like this:

Indeed, if we look at the permissions that my security profile has obtained, we can see the following:

The request body is not malformed. If I remove one of the parameters, then I get "Request is missing required parameter(s)."

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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