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Web App Tester: Element sizing problem on initial page. Problems go away if I reload the page.

I have an app that opens up with a video playing in an HTML5 video tag element. The video tag element is about box that takes about 1/4 the screen, with plenty of margin around each side. In a browser, everything looks fine and the source video embedded in the video tag element is perfectly centered.

However, on my Fires Stick TV, the video is not rescaled to the size of the video tag element. Instead, I can just see the lower right quadrant of it. It appears that the video is it's source size and does not fit in the video tag element.

If I reload the page, then the video is scaled properly and fits the video tag element perfectly. Why would the video not be scaled properly on the initial load, but hen is scaled properly after a page reload? Can someone give me a tip or technique on how to solve this?

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