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Getting Connection Failed error when attempting to launch a hosted web app from the Web App Tester?

I am able to attach to my Fire Stick 4k device from my Linux PC using Android Bridge (adb). The connection appears to work fine because after I run the Web App Tester app on my Fire Stick device, I do see the device's screen image in the Chrome DevTools window. Also, I am able to enter text and navigate the Fire Stick screen from my Linux box by using the attached Chrome DevTools window to remote control the Web App Tester interface (very clunky experience).

I have named my hosted app and entered a valid link to my S3 bucket that contains the initial index.html page for the web app. I have triple-checked the link I entered both for accuracy, and to test the app from a browser. The app shows up fine so the permissions to the bucket are correct and give public-read access to the files in the bucket.

However, when I try the same link from the Web App Tester, I get the standard "Connection Failed" error screen, "please check your settings", etc. Can anyone tell me why the Web App Tester can't connect to my hosted web app and how to fix this?

Also, if anyone can tell me how to cut and paste text from my Linux PC into Chrome DevTools, that would be great. Normal cut and paste doesn't work, and I have to retype everything manually. If anyone can link me to a document that shows me what capabilities the Chrome DevTools interface has, that would be great too. Right now it's a slow process of discovering everything by poking around.

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