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Please tell me how to make Alexa say "You're welcome" when I say thank you.

I am a new user to Alexa and just learning how to program the two I have gotten. I ask her to do things and since I am of that age where we say please and thank you, it irks me when I say "Alexa please turn the music off" and when I say thank you, I get nothing. If I had children or grandchildren in the house, as I expect there are many in homes now using these devices, I think it important that the phrase "You're welcome" be something they become familiar with. For goodness sake, even the Jetson's Rosie said Thank you and You're welcome!

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You should check out Alexa FreeTime. I have never used it but it is touted as a service for encouraging more polite responses from the kiddos along with other parnetal control features. It sounds like it might be right up your alley.

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thanks for posting!

This is the Amazon Developer Forum, where developers come for help with the development of their skills.

The "you're welcome" response after a "thank you" is something that is out of the context of a skill, which is, after all, a third party "feature".

If you are having issues with an Alexa feature, I would suggest getting in touch with customer service who should be able to assist with your matter further

Alternatively, you can post your questions on the Echo & Alexa customer forum:


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Troy avatar image Troy commented ·

you are so busy you could type this poor response and not simply give a link to the answer. this is what's wrong with the world. I'd fire you on the spot!!!!

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Edgar E Estrada Lopez avatar image Edgar E Estrada Lopez commented ·
Are you a human, or an Alexa clon?

You DO understand we're talking about politeness and education, and not "third party" software, right?

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What I meant with my response is that it is not possible to make Alexa add "you are welcome" to all the answers by developing an Alexa skill, since an Alexa skill qualifies as "third party" software.

As a "third party" software indeed, a skill can't modify the general experience that Alexa provides (as in, outside of a skill session).

That being said, if you want Alexa to say "you are welcome" in the context of a skill you are developing, then you can do that by adding the required intent handler. Additional info here:

If you want, instead, to make Alexa say this outside of a skill context, then I would suggest raising this feedback to the Alexa Customer Service, or submit it through the Alexa App by following the below instructions:

1. Open the Alexa Companion app.
2. Tap "Help & Feedback"
3. Tap "Send Feedback"
4. Fill out the form


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what a poor response?

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