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Push Notifications Broad Support

Hello, I wanted to know the best practices for setting up push notifications so that our app supports most user's regardless of the way they installed the app. Two cases in particular I am wondering of:

1. The user installs the app from a amazon Fire / echo directly.
- For this case I have followed: and the build flavor of this app only has AMD library and Amazon billing integrated.

2. The user installs our app on a Google Play Service device. The flow being: Go to Play Store -> Install Amazon App store -> Install App targeted for Amazon devices.

- For this case I am unsure which library set should be included whether it be all Google Play Services or continue integrating all Amazon library services? Or if both should be included.

Does Amazon's publishing Apk mechanism allow for different Apks depending on what is detected on the user?

- Do push notifications continue to work if the user installed our app on a non Amazon device? Is it enough for the App + Amazon store to be installed for push notifications to work through AMD?

I am using Gradle Flavors to create separate flavors such as Amazon and NonAmazon to target devices that dont come with Amazon AppStore preinstalled.

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