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App published with MRSS, but I have problems with audio in SLEEP mode. on FireTV 4k, Nebula D3000 Soundbar (2019), Fire TV Stick 4K

Hello, I'm publishing the APP with the MRSS mode, of the amazon site. I am not published on 4 devices: firetv 4K, nebula, etc., due to the sound reproduction in sleep mode. I don't know how to solve the problem, the MRSS codes are almost standard, these parameters cannot be changed. do you have any suggestions for me ?? I am attaching below the source ocdice of the app. if you have a suggestion on how to implement or correct it, I would thank you very much.

I await your news
Thank you very much

<rss xmlns:media="" version="2.0">
<pubDate>17 Oct 2019 09:35:00 GMT</pubDate>
<title>Teleradiopace - Chiavari</title>
<media:description>Teleradiopace was born in May 1990 with a clear identity: to be a radio and television broadcaster, non-commercial, an instrument of communication and service to promote the culture of peace, dialogue, respect for the human person in the spirit. In this channel will be transmitted all the information of Liguria and programs of general interest in Italy</media:description>
<media:category>Official Channel</media:category>
<media:thumbnail url=""/>;
<media:content url="" duration="3600" bitrate="1800" language="en-en"/>

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