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Feature Request: Ability to Organize 'My Stuff' in Amazon Video

Within the 'Amazon Video' section of the site, there is 'My Stuff'. This houses all personal purchases made by a user.

The current filtering options are to show All items, TV Shows, or Movies. Beyond these choices, you can arrange the presented options either alphabetically (A-Z or Z-A) or by Purchase Date.


Please expand this to allow for custom organization that will reflect across ALL PLATFORMS. Currently, I own over 50 movies, which includes my wife's choices, my children's choices, and my own. I have Pixar movies mixed in with Marval, mixed in with Deadpool and Die Hard. Then, my choices will jump from the first 3 Star Wars movies to Toy Story to A Christmas Story.

A simple folder structure that can be created and sorted by the user in an online fashion would be ideal. This folder structure would then be accessible across the multiple platforms in which I access the account (gaming console, Fire Tablet, TV app, mobile, Etc.).

Once 'My Stuff' is selected in Prime, of the 'All', 'Tv Shows', and 'Movies' choices; ideally an additional category would be available marked 'Custom'. Once selected, a folder tree would be available.

This type of structure would simplify larger Video Libraries that can be difficult to sort through via old school point-and-click remotes or for our children's Fire tablets.

In the future, this folder tree would be great to expand RBAC content control for kids, but that is another feature for another day.

Thank you for your time.

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Move your library to Vudu they allow for custom folders. You can name the folder whatever you like and then organizer the video in each folder to your own preference. You can also purchase all future movies there as well. People have been asking Amazon for this feature for the last four years. They don't care, but Vudu does. You have the power to make change by refusing to use Amazon's product. This is the only way they will wake up and listen to the consumer. Good luck.

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I found a workaround to reorder the movies in "My Stuff" on Amazon Prime.

Just press"Remove From Watchlist", "Undo" go to another drop-down, then back to "My Stuff". The movie that you pressed "Undo" will now be first in your order.

It's annoying to do this but it works!

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It would be excellent to be able to do this.

It would also be great to make the watchlist sortable by relevant categories. I know I have all kinds of great things gathered in my watchlist, but I tend to spend all my time trying to find things within the watchlist when simple category searches (French film, sci-fi, drama, release year, etc.) would often put me at my top choices for the moment quite quickly.

Additionally I think a tagging feature to mark my top choices within the watchlist would be really helpful. I find I barely end up watching anything these days because I end up searching again and every time I open Prime, I wish it had these could even be made a kind of catchy selling point for Prime—I think most services are missing this basic ability to curate effectively for yourself, which is really a necessity these days with the endless material available. I’ve heard many people say they spend all their watching time figuring out what to watch instead and then don’t make much progress because there aren’t clear ways to organize what they figure out.

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This forum is for Amazon Developers.

Please use the Amazon Digital and Device forum for requests like this.

You can also contact Amazon Customer Service.



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The Amazon Digital and Device Forum is a customer discussion area not an Amazon moderated forum through which features can be requested. Amazon Customer Service is fine for a particular purchase or product problem. When it comes to requesting features involving digital content it is a black hole into which request disappear, never to be seen or heard of again.

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