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Alexa voice API interaction in sequence


We have integrated an Alexa voice API, using following API using node js.

When we send a voice message to using http2, we got the response from the Alexa for the voice message.

We are facing a problem while implementing it with context/sequence
When we try to invoke a skill using the api, we are getting correct response from the skill for the first invocation.
We are getting 'doesn't understand' message from Alexa from the second voice message onwards in that context/sequence.

For eq:
User: Alexa, open Homecare Hub
Alexa: Welcome to Homecare Hub. You can use the Homecare Hub skill to clock in to work, review and plan your schedules, and manage activities

User: Alexa, this is John, Please clock me in.
Alexa: Sorry i don't understand you.

Can you please help us to fix the issue with the alexa voice API while sending the second voice message to the same skill.

alexa voice service
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