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Routines and Changing Time Zones

Something that folks may not be aware of, but when you set up routines in your current time zone, if you change time zones (with your phone, not with the actual Alexa device), the routines change to the new time zone. In other words, routines do not remain in the time zone in which your Alexa device resides, they change based on the location of your phone/Alexa app. As such, all routines need to be changed based on your new time zone (if you're traveling for example), which is a major inconvenience.

I would suggest that there be a setting created that "locks" the routines so they are fixed in the time zone in which they were created (where your Alexa device resides), so they don't change when your phone/Alexa app updates to new time zones.

If this is possible, I'd love to know how to do it!

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Erik answered

We ran into this issue as well. We have a number of reminders and time based routines. The phone they were created on traveled to a different time zone and those announcements at home changed to the phone's time zone even though the devices they played on and people that needed to hear them were still home. (Virtual meetings were missed. Pets were getting fed late. You name it. It really threw a wrench in our family's routine. It was only for a few days, so we just tried to live with it.)

However, the most frustrating part, now the phone has returned home to the same time zone, but the reminders are still going at the wrong time zone. The phone's time is right. Settings in the Alexa app appear correct - time zone on all devices and on the phone as listed in the app, and the times on the reminders display as when we want them to. The phone and echo devices have been rebooted. But, they are still not playing at the right time.

Only other solution I can think of is to recreate all these reminders. Our plan is to use an old phone, load the Alexa app on it, recreate them all there, and then leave that phone home all the time.

If someone has a better solution or if this bug gets fixed, please share.

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