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Your app solicits customers for reviews of your app in exchange for user rewards or bonuses

I am having an extremely frustrating experience so far with the Amazon Appstore and its review process.

Our app has failed review with the following reason given:

"Your app submission does not meet one or more of our acceptance criteria for some or all targeted devices. Failure reason(s) are listed below:

Your app solicits customers for reviews of your app in exchange for user rewards or bonuses. Please update your app to comply with our customer reviews policy and resubmit your app for reconsideration."

In no way does our app "solicit customers for reviews". I can not think of any way in which our app would fall under this category.

I have tried to contact the review team using the Contact Us form asking for clarification so that we can try to resolve the issue, but the only response I received was the exact same message again and a link to the guidelines page - Not even a link to a relevant part of the guidelines.

I have seen numerous other threads on this forum similar to this one (1, 2, 3, 4), all with the same reply of "Use the contact form" - but this seems to get us nowhere.

Since the contact form seems to be a dead-end, is there some other way to contact the review team that would result in them reading my messages and replying with some helpful information?

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We are also facing the same issue and it seems there is no way to contact Amazon dev support team for discussion.

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