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Let me show you how Amazon AppStore team ruins developers' efforts to create quality apps and games


I would like to show you my problems with Amazon AppStore team and their unprofessional behavior. They ruined visibility and number of installs of my apps since August 2019 and refuse to resolve the problem or to explain me the reason for this issue. I have already asked them for information about the reduced device compatibility for almost all of my applications since August 2019. My questions are still unanswered which is very frustrating. The "reduced device compatibility" ruined number of installs of my applications and respectively my income. They dropped from XX000 monthly downloads to 220 monthly installs since August 2019. When I publish new app or update an existing app, Amazon AppStore team said in their mails that:

"Your recent submission, APPLICANION_NAME version X.X.X, was successfully published and is now LIVE on Amazon Appstore with reduced device compatibility (app failed on 17 devices)."

My applications are "LIVE on Amazon Appstore" but because of the "reduced device compatibility" they are totally invisible to users and in fact they are like unpublished (NOT LIVE).

I have already sent them a lot of messages about this problem but they are still unanswered. This is very disappointing because the problem is huge and I expect from them to resolve it with the appropriate professionalism or at least to provide me some reliable information.

As a former software engineer in Cisco Systems with more than 10 years of experience in a various top projects, I cannot believe and I am totally surprised that employees of a reputable corporation like Amazon demonstrate such a disrespectful behavior and absolute lack of professionalism.

P.S. Please see the attached images of my installs reports.

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Amazon Appstore team, are you kidding me?!

Almost two weeks later, I received the following "answer":


Thank you for writing in. We have retested your app and observed the following test failure(s):

Issue Description: App requires an additional software- App requires *** app.

Affected device list:

Kindle Fire (2012)

Kindle Fire HD (2012)

Kindle Fire HD 8.9 (2012)

Kindle Fire HD 8.9 WAN (2012)

Please refer to the attached log file(s) and screenshot(s) for further details. Please let us know if you have any further questions.

Do you think this resolved your issue?"

What to say... My app does not support these devices since it's published and I do not know why Amazon Appstore team invests time to test it on them.

What about "reduced device compatibility (app failed on 17 devices). " and the newest Amazon devices? My app is absolutely compatible with them and works perfectly on them.

There are not any "attached log file(s) and screenshot(s) for further details".

"Do you think this resolved your issue?"

Amazon Appstore team, do you think this resolved my issue?!

@Ronnie @Mike@Amazon @Sam@Amazon @Melody@Amazon

When do you think it's the right time to answer me?

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That's messed up. Just Made a Dev account to see this chaos ensuing within the forums and just... Wow... I'm good on this noise.

Try Google and Github, maybe F Droid or your top repositories. Good luck.

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