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Amazon Music is streaming on another device....

I don't know if this is the appropriate place to submit this request. We have three Alexa's in our home, and I pay for the Amazon Music Unlimited Individual plan. We do not need the Family plan. Every time music is playing through my phone app or any other of the devices we get the error, "Amazon Music is streaming on another device, with the Family plan you could stream 5 family members on up to six devices, its $14.99/mo, would you like me to upgrade you?" WELL MY TODDLER SAID YES. I've asked Alexa MULTIPLE times to "Not Ask Again" but that does not compute. I think its ludicrous that she can ask the same long winded question over and over and I can't make her stop! This time its resulted in my toddler charging my account for a subscription I don't want! How can I make her stop asking me if I'd like to upgrade?

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