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Stop Echo and list of echos from listening when a routine is running.

I've created a very in-depth series of routines that demonstrate my smart home abilities. My husband calls this the geek's demo mode. I call them immersive introduction routines. For example such as Alexa, Introduce me to the downstairs. This routine demonstrates everything she can control in multiple ways.

I have purposely chosen to use routines instead of a skill as this feels more like base programing instead of running a skill/App. I'm trying to make my home very ambient computing friendly. I also prefer the usage of Alexa over the other wake words for the echos.

The Problem:

Some of these routines are at the max of 50 items and I have her going through a series of commands demonstrating how to use various things. Sometimes, but not all of the time, she will here herself from either the Echo the routine is running from or from another nearby echo. When the other echo hears the example being played in the routine, for example Alexa, Turn on the bar. The other echo might not hear correctly or may comply. If the room is silent then the secondary echo generally complies. If there is any background noise such as a TV, Washing Machine then the secondary echo doesn't comply

In the event that the echo that is running the routine hears herself say Alexa, then one of two things happen. The first being that she sort of hiccups and then restarts the line in the routine that she heard herself and continues on with the routine. The Second is the the routine stops and she is actively listening and then eventuality times out. If I restart the routine the echo may hear itself or it may not at that point.

What I'm looking for.

I'm looking for a way to add a function into a routine that forces the echo that is playing the routine and the option to select nearby echos to stop listening for the duration of the routine. I have had no success and feel that this might be a feature request for the Alexa programmers.

I welcome any thoughts, comments suggestions to get around this. I know I could edit the routines to not use Alexa in the examples, however this negates the immersive experience I"m trying for users to experience. Right now I have a somewhat buggy Smart Home Into guide LOL

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