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How to make a dynamic slot and a dynamic intent

I have built a flutter application in which the user can create a form and select fields. Now I want to give flexibility to the user to add data to fields(chosen) using Alexa.

Assume that user has selected these fields using my flutter application and I have saved it in firebase(or on any NoSQL database) -

Shop Name



Establishment Year

Now the user invoke my alexa skill.

After greeting I will ask the user "Please answer the following -".

Now I want to ask the user "Shop Name".

I expect user to enter shop name. Say "Parle".

Then I will send "Entered value is Parle. Is it correct?".

If the user says yes then I move on to the next question "Email".

I expect user to enter shop's email. Say "".

Then I will send "Entered value is . Is it correct?".

Similarly I will ask the user all the questions and then get the result and save it in the database.

Now the problem since I don't have a well defined schema. Since the user may have selected -

Shop Name



Items Available

Thus I am not able to make a slot for an intent since the fields are variable. Please help me how I can achieve this functionality.

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