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Alexa test ISP with lambda-local

I have asked this question on stackoverflow and never found an answer, it still bugs me, so asking here too.

I'm trying to use In Skill Purchasing (ISP) and am having issues testing consistently locally.

When I copy my JSON Input from the "Alexa Console > Test" area and run the same request using lambda-local in vscode, it often works a few times but inevitably I end up getting the following response:

ServiceError: The authentication token is invalid or doesn't have access to make this request

at MonetizationServiceClient.<anonymous> (<my_path>/lambda/custom/node_modules/ask-sdk-model/index.js:149:35)

Sometimes I get the response the first try, sometimes after 2 or 3 attempts.

I'm testing with an account using a US based address as recommended, and I'm using en-US locale, so why do I keep getting this error message that my authentication token is invalid?

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