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Customer Profile API - Mobile Number Undefined

Hi all,

I'm currently developing a custom skill for a company I'm affiliated with. I've incorporated in one of my intents the ability to pull the customer profile data API and request to permit the skill in order to do so from the client. I still have the skill in Dev mode and haven't published it for beta testing or production as of yet. However, I'm running into an issue getting the mobile phone number. I'm currently requesting the name, email address, and mobile phone. I'm able to get the name and email address but I'm not able to get the mobile phone number, even though I have it set in the account in relation. I've included the screenshot with some personal info blurred out. Is there a way to check which account is associated to the Dev account in the Alexa Skill Console? Maybe we have another account that has the name and email address and not the phone number? I do have a try catch for the customer profile API request and it doesn't produce and error, the

getProfileMobileNumber function is coming back as undefined. Lastly, what's the difference between linking the acccount and using the customer profile API, don't they accomplish the same thing? Thanks for your help in advance.

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One way to check if you have set your phone number for your account is within Alexa mobile app, if you go to Settings > Your Profile, you should be able to see if you have set anything for Mobile Number.

Make sure to also toggle on the permissions for Customer Phone Number within developer console to configure your skill to request such information!

Customer Profile API is more useful if you only need customer's name, email and phone number and nothing else. This can be convenient because you won't need to set up account linking for your skill.

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Thank you so much for your answer. Sorry about the late response. This was super helpful and I've implemented these features within my skill!

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