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Advertising Fees

I am planning to use following in my app, A. Direct Linking to Amazon - OpenSearchPageRequest B. In-App Product Detail and In-App Product Preview In both the options above, user will be directed to mobile version of Amazon site. I have following question regarding the fees to developer/app owner: 1. How is the fees calculated? Is it some % of transaction amount (including various taxes)? 2. Once the user is directed to Amazon site, does the app have to be running in the background till the purchase is made? for e.g., user is on the custom app -> user sees amazon popover with the product details -> user clicks on the product - > user is directed to Amazon site -> user kills the app but have the amazon site open in the browser -> user makes a purchase. In this scenario will the developer be paid? 3. In continuation to above example is there any session time out, for e.g. - user is directed to amazon site thru the app, the app is killed but the browser is open/running in background, user makes a purchase next day thru the amazon site opened by the app in the browser (the previous day). In this scenario will the developer be paid? On Reporting: Could you please share the sample report/dashboard available to the user to identify/calculate the fees earned, kind of products bought, commission by each product/each transaction/each sale, etc, etc,. Thanks Developer
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Hi Androiddev, Thank you for writing to us. Below are the answers for your queries. 1. Please refer this link for understanding Advertising Fees : 2 & 3. You would get paid irrespective of whether the app is running or not when the purchase happens in Mobile browser. The session would be valid for next 24 hrs after user is redirected to product page. The purchase has to happen with in this 24 hrs in order to get you paid. If user add the product in cart in browser and buy it later, you will get the payment once the purchase happens. We are unable to share the sample report or dashboard at this point. Sorry for the inconvenience.
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