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Question about certification

I have a question about the requirements of a Provisionee Test Cases test case.


Test requirements include successful provisioning (setting) and anomaly detection requirements.(ex. 3P2-NET-11,3P2-DE-07 etc.)
Do I need to be able to identify success and anomaly detection in the User Interface (LED, LCD) of Provisionee Device (Printer)?


Amazon Provisioner device and non-Amazon Provisioner device are supposed to be used. Please tell us the recommended device. Especially I would like to know about non-Amazon Provisioner device.

certification test case
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raycuraso answered

1. To answer your first question, there are two scenarios here:

Scenario #1: The customer has two sets of credentials in the cloud. SSID Net1 and SSID Net2. The password for Net1 is incorrect, and the password for Net2 is correct. The cloud sends these credentials to the device, the customer's provisionee. If the provisionee attempts to connect to Net1 this will fail. The provisionee should then attempt to connect to Net2 and succeed. In this scenario the provisionee would complete the setup and report the failure connecting to Net1 to the cloud.

Scenario #2: The customer has one set of credentials in the cloud and the password is incorrect. When the provisionee fails to connect to the network, it should report the failure to the cloud, disconnect from the provisioner (possibly a WiFi setup network), and fall back to an alternative setup mode such as SoftAP.

2. The list of provisioners that you should test against depends on the setup method you are using: WSS over WiFi or WSS over BLE.

The following Amazon devices can act as a WSS over WiFi provisioner:

Echo 2nd Generation

Echo Dot 2nd Generation

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Hi RayCuraso,

Wi-Fi Simple Setup (WSS) using ACE is WSS over WiFi or WSS over BLE?

And which Amazon devices can be acted as a WSS over BLE provisioner?

Looking forward your reply. Thanks a lot.

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